I try to create an event card, playable with dawn of war rules.
This event card, will be placed on the map, with 2 others that have the same back card.
In that scenario : the US player have to find the B17 that have been crashed down and then organize the crew rescue.
The opposite player, that have placed the 3 events cards (same back) on the map, knows where is the B17 and have to avoid recognition and rescue.
- to find the B17, you just have to be in the sight view (like a target for instance)(we can find better)
- to rescue each member of the crew, i tried to find a good way to play...
first idea : US player can drop on the zone an "emergency pack" to allow crew members to join the partisans.
second idea : US army used large planes and balloon to rescue men. but it's one man at a time...
the third : use dice : for each crew member:
5,6 : saved
3,4 : injured
1,2 : lost for the moment.