Here is the proto card, same values and characteristics than P47-D. perhaps a little bit too strong for this aircraft.
La carte proto pour le F4U Corsair de Greg Papy Boyington. Caractéristiques identiques au P47-D pour le moment, car peut etre un peu trop puissant pour cet avion.
Card especially made for my friend Yiu, great figs painter !

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nachinus a dit…

Another great job, thanks!

I have a question, though. These cards are bigger than the actual game cards (which are 4,4x6,75cm), how can I resize them without loosing quality?

Thanks in advance!

Het a dit…

you need to use photoshop or "the gimp" to resize the card.
Just choose the value of height = 6.75cm.

I will post new ones soon in a larger size for a better print quality.

If you reduce size, you will not loose quality.

nachinus a dit…

I was using paint shop pro, I will try with Photoshop. Thanks!

Yiu a dit…

Encore merci elle est top cette carte.

Vénérable Zaïus a dit…

Rotidju !!!
A nous pondre du contenu aussi bon, je vais encore craquer pour un nouveau jeu !
A ben bravo ! ^^