La maquette de la nouvelle boite Deluxe, et de nouveaux appareils disponibles uniquement dans cette boite...
Ca c'est quand même dommage !

"Wings of War Revised Deluxe Set is the ideal starting point for players who want to play Wings of War with miniatures. Included in this revised edition you will find 4, in 1/144 scale, completely assembled and beautifully painted planes, with colours only found in this set. Each plane is complemented by its special gaming base and maneuver deck, which provide an accurate representation of its capabilities and that are the foundation of the innovative, accurate and easy-to-play Wings of War gaming system.

In addition, in this box you will also find two different deck of Fire cards ("A" deck and "B" deck); game rules; and all the accessories and counters that you need to start playing, minutes after opening the box"

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