Fantastic announcement from Fantasy Flight Games!
FF xwing heroes of the resistance
The old and the new collide in the latest expansion set for X-Wing, The Heroes of the Resistance.
“Chewie, we’re home.”
–Han Solo
FF heroes xwing falcon
With Heroes of the Resistance, Rey, Finn, Han Solo, and Poe Dameron all make the transition from the big screen to your tabletop. Rey and Han arrive as Resistance pilots for a new version of the Millennium Falcon with a sculpt and paint scheme that have been updated to reflect the ship’s appearance in The Force Awakens.
Finn supports the Resistance as a crew upgrade. And the galaxy’s greatest pilot Poe Dameron can now fly to battle as Black One, sitting in the cockpit of his signature black T-70 X-wing.
FF xwing heroes of the reisistance contents
They have done a brilliant job of bringing the new characters into their already fantastic game, but they’ve also put a lot of attention to detail into the revisited/updated version of the fan favorite, The Millennium Falcon.
It’s still true to form, but also has the small, key details that tie it into the recent movie. It helps tell the tail of what the ship has been through over the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
FF xwing heroes xwing
Whether you are a veteran player of X-Wing or if you’re just taking the plunge into the game, one thing is for sure, this set is a must have for anyone that loves their Star Wars.
The Heroes of the Resistance Expansion for X-Wing will hit the retail shelves in the third quarter of 2016.

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