Un kit de cartes AS de la WWI bientôt disponible. Elles permettront de jouer des AS historiques avec des capacités spéciales.
Un exemple avec Von Richtoffen et ses manoeuvres perrilleuses.

This will be possible with the Ace Cards Promo Pack with 24 cards which will be available from the BoardGameGeek Store. WW1 Wings of Glory rules now include "Ace skills" and how to use them. A pilot (or other crew member) may now be an Ace, and each Ace may have one or more special abilities. These abilities "break the rules", and give to his plane additional bonus and special capabilities - for example, ignoring certain jamming results, getting an aim bonus, getting away with risky maneuvers.

This Promo Pack extends the concept even further, introducing special Ace Cards that present real WW1 pilots and assigning to each of them a selection of Ace abilities based on actual historical documents.

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